Shinhwa Chosen as the #1 Best Idol Group in the History of K-Pop

Fifteen years of experience doesn’t lie, as Shinhwa was recently chosen as the best idol group in the history of K-Pop

On April 18, MBC every1’s Star N Photo unveiled the results of a survey taken by a total of 2,300 people, including rookie groups, entertainment reporters, music channel producers, present and past entertainment company staff members and managers, pop culture critics, as well as citizens in their teens to their 50s. 

The top 30 idol groups from 1996 to 2012 were revealed through the survey, which covered different aspects, including looks, singing abilities, performance, teamwork, and variety skills. The list included Girls’ Generation, B2ST, Teen Top, and more.

Acquiring 107.1 points out of 125, Shinhwa was named first with Girls’ Generation chasing closely with 104.5 points. 

Jun Jin and Andy accepted the trophy, thanking all those who participated and promising to work hard in their upcoming comeback. image


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Jun Jin’s father dishes the dirt on son’s rebellious years

On a KBS morning show, Shinhwa member Jun Jin’s father, former back-up dancer Charlie Park talked about a time when he wanted to sever ties with his entertainer son.

“One time, he ran away from home and I was furious,” said Park on the talk program, which aired on Oct. 9.
“So I trailed his friends, found him and told him then and there that if he ever ran away from home again that I’d cut him off,” revealed Park.

Despite his anger towards his teen-aged son, Park did say that there was a time when he felt sorry toward his son.
As Park split with his first wife — Jun’s biological mother — when Jun was a baby, he said that his son was a miserable child.

“I raised him alone until he was five and every time we’d pass kids holding their mom’s hands, he’d keep staring,” said Park who decided he should find a mother for his son as quick as possible. To date, he’s had three wives.

Jun had previously talked about missing his mother to a degree that he wanted to become famous so that he could find her.

By Carla Sunwoo [] for Korea JoongAng Daily

Jeon-jin - Wa, 전진 - 와, Music Core 20080607 (di MBCkpop)


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